A Content Management System (CMS) is a software program or even a multiplatform application, allowing the creation and management of websites, E-Commerce, Web App. and websites. The CMS allows developers, much more intuitive content creation and management.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) focuses more on optimizing the management and loyalty of customers/Users of a website, a mobile or software application. Built on the same principle as a CMS, its architecture, its sections, its analysis tools are however mainly intended, for a very focused internal marketing use (companies specializing in the I.T. field for example), or as a complete multipurpose business management tool.

N 0001 - Get ready !

The prerequisite, in order to start using a CMS platform and regardless of the chosen website category, is a basic knowledge of the Web development fundamentals, it means :

- JavaScript
- Responsive Design
- Global understanding of the Internet

N 0002 - Get funky !

What do you want to do ? - E-Commerce, in other words developing an online store.
- High level editorial management, such as the creation of an online magazine.
- Classic E-Corporate, by creating a company's showcase website.
- One or more portfolios.
- An online gaming platform.
- A social network. (...) The possibilities are numerous, assuming that you can combine or even merge all these solutions. Either way, there will always be a dominant. It is essential then to understand all this, when you are going to choose your platform. Will you need a website, an mobile App., both ? Regardless of your choice, start small but scale up because keep in mind that Web development is a very demanding, time consuming and energy intensive activity.


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